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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lifehack #3

Lifehack 3 of 7.

Color-coded in terms of type and importance.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mine Own Advice: Connections

A lot of people are unhappy and they don't know why. It's almost always because they don't have one of the several things people need in their lives.

  •  Shelter
    • A home, a resting place, a house of safety. It needs to protect them from the elements and from marauders alike.
  •  Food and Water
    • A person can survive on no water for 3 days or no food for 3 weeks, but this strains the body terribly. Actually doing things while starving or being dehydrated cuts these times down immensely. As a rule, a person shouldn't go without either for very long at all. (Fasts and other events can be excepted.)
  •  Natural Bodily Processes
    • I.E. Excretion, urination, sleep, sex, exercise, breathing. One obviously needs all of these to be a functioning person (and for some of these, a living one).
  •  Freedom
    • A more intangible necessity for certain, but no less important. Being enslaved saps will and deadens convictions.
Now, clearly all of these could be lived without for short periods of time (we do this frequently). However, being restricted from any of these "bare necessities of life" slowly (or not so slowly) destroys people.
However, there's one thing missing here. And it's something quite obvious, but people routinely fool themselves into believing they don't need it. And that's Connection. 

Besides the clear necessity of human interaction, there's something else that we instinctually need to be happy. I've done my level best to explain it in the following infographic. Original Content alert.

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I wish you luck and happiness.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lifehack #2

Part two of the seven-piece general lifehack compilation.

Color coded for ease of use. Refer to beginning for color meanings.

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How To: Get High With Your Own Body

This is a guide on how to get high using simple exercises that you can do on your own. Hypnogagia and Runner's High I know work, but I haven't tested the others. More info later when I do.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lifehack #1

Lifehack #1:

Part of a many-part series on general Lifehacks.
1 of 7, new installment every night.

Color-Coded for ease of use and importance.

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How to Do

First day Instructable.

Learn how to make a burner out of common household materials!

Don't burn yourself!

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Follow the great thread of destiny.
Give and ye shall receive.